Shacking Up is "a must-read for any person (male or female, gay or straight) who is contemplating this very big step. It is also quite informative for those who are choosing the traditional route of just plain marriage. The book details some very good practical advice about living with, and getting along with, your 'significant other.' From finding a tactful way to tell the 'rents ('parents,' for the over-forty crowd) to dividing up household chores, Shacking Up really lays it out in an informative and easy to understand way. It takes you from the 'lovestruck' to the 'practical' in a wonderfully real and humorous way. Be sure to take the Shacking Up Chemistry Quiz. It's not your run of the mill quiz, as found in Cosmo, but one that reveals a great deal about you and your partner. Girls ... settle in, be prepared to learn a great deal while reading Shacking Up but also enjoy the process. Before you take the big step, check this one out ... it could really save you some grief and heartache."
-Betsy Johnson, bookseller, Tudor Books in Kingston, Pa. (JavaScript: Close Window)