Chapter 1: You're Thinking of Doing What?!
Chapter 2: Making the Decision
Chapter 3: Ten Things To Do Before Packing Your Bags
Chapter 4: Setting Up Your New Digs
Chapter 5: Money Matters
Chapter 6: Legalese for Live-Ins
Chapter 7: Keeping the Connection
Chapter 8: Do I Hear Wedding Bells?
Chapter 9: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Chapter 10: Live-Ins for Life and Other Special Circumstances

If you find yourself thinking along the following lines, we suggest putting the brakes on your shacking-up plans ...
1. "I have no idea where our relationship is going, but we're together practically every night. It seems crazy to pay for two apartments."
2. "I was unsure about how he felt about me until he asked me to move in with hm. Now I know he is really serious about 'us.'"
3. "I can't stand my nightmare roommates. I need to find a new place to live pronto, and I can't afford to live alone."
4. "Moving in together is the only way I'll ever get him to commit."
5. "I'm afraid he'll break up with me if I don't move in with him."
6. "We're so in love! Sure, I've only known him for a couple of months, but it feels right. Why wait?"
7. "He's moving 3,000 miles to be with me. I can't exactly ask him to get his own apartment."
8. "My parents are so controlling. This will show them they can't rule my life."
9. "Our relationship may be a little rocky, but I can't stand the dating scene anymore. I'm ready to settle down."

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Live-Ins for Life and Other Special Circumstances
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